Online Vietnamese Language Course

Online Vietnamese Language Course

Welcome to the Online Vietnamese Language Course selection page! Our Online Vietnamese Language Courses are like taking mini online college courses. However, you can start the courses at anytime and proceed at your own rate. There are no designated “due dates” assigned. Therefore, the ideal student must be a self-starter and really motivated to learn the language.

About The Courses

The courses, textbooks, quizzes and study-aides are created by a college professor. You will discover that the Online Vietnamese Language Courses and textbooks are playfully designed (just like the website) for comic relief. However, the content is designed for mature high school students or college level adults. Since this Online Vietnamese Language Course is completely digital, it is an easy and convenient way for you to learn Vietnamese wherever you may be! You can even use and navigate the classroom in a smartphone App.

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This course is designed for complete beginners. It will teach you the alphabets, vowels, consonant clusters, and tones. LEARN MORE>>>


This course teaches you the vowel cluster sounds and rules. LEARN MORE>>>


This course teaches you the ending consonant sound rules. After completing course 1, 2 and 3, you should be able to read and speak Southern Vietnamese.  LEARN MORE>>>

What To Expect Overall:

  • Easy To Understand PowerPoint Video Lectures
  • PowerPoint Slides Without Audio
  • Digital Copy of The Textbook
  • Graded Practice Assessments (Instantly Scored)
  • Digital Note Card Access (As Needed In Some Courses)
  • Practice Links & Resources
  • Viet-English EZ Readers (Optional Reading Practice Books)

Detailed Course Overview:

Lectures: The lectures are delivered via video & slide show presentation. Each course section contains a concise summary of the information and provides the related sounds. The lectures are easy to follow and easy to understand. You can continue learning more in each chapter of the textbook.

PowerPoint: The slide show presentations are also provided without audio for this Online Vietnamese Language Course. In this way, you can review and practice with and without the audio.

Study Aides: There are a variety of study aides provided as you progress through the course. In addition to the textbook, you will have access to digital flashcards to review the material, play games, and practice your recall. Some courses include listening practice exercises.

Quizzes: The quizzes for this Online Vietnamese Language Course are also in a digital format. Therefore, for your convenience you will take the quizzes online and receive your score right away!

Assignments: Most of the assigned readings are based on the related chapter(s) in the course book. Some sections include projects to help you better master the information.

Entering The Classroom

After selecting a course, you will be directed to PayPal for your payment. After completing the transaction, you will be directed to the online classroom access information page.

If you have any questions about the online vietnamese language course, please feel free to can contact me.